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M. L.

Manhattan Beach, CA


"I was hesitant to see Erkan. Actually scared he'd exacerbate my injuries and not be of much help. I could not have been more wrong and Erkan could not be more phenomenal. He is patient, empathetic, competent and kind. Though he is quite busy with clients I have never once felt rushed or felt like he was anywhere but completely focussed on helping me move stronger, more efficiently and pain free. I highly recommend Erkan to anyone needing a special helping hand with exercise, rehab or anyone who just wants to get moving, and they can't get motivated to do so on their own. His muscle activation technique skills are unique, intuitive and a good part of the reason I am finally healing from the effects of multiple surgeries." 


S. A.

Owner at Fitness for Weight Loss, LLC


"Erkan is a great person and inspiring professional. He is one of the most knowledgeable personal trainers I have come in contact with in my fitness career. He has a strong passion for learning and continues to invest in and expand his knowledge base. Erkan has an impressive knowledge of body mechanics and muscle function and pays great attention to detail and form. This allows each of his clients to safely progress to their next level of fitness, regardless of their ability and any limitations. 

Erkan is a highly respectable trainer and genuine person. He is always ready to put his energy towards helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. He is innovative, customer focused, and always looking for ways to take the quality of his classes and training to the next level."

C. E.

Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional


"Erkan is a fantastic instructor. He is knowledgeable and dedicated. His students and colleagues love him. I appreciate his work ethic!"


J. C.

Group Marketing Manager, Personal Finance at Intuit


"I have been working with Erkan for 5 months. He started out by assessing my goals, current health, and exercise needs. Erkan's chosen approach for me has been mostly strength and endurance building exercises, many of which can also be done at home. Whether it is a 30 minute or 60 minute workout, Erkan pushes me to do more than I would ever do on my own, and I can see the results. Most specifically, I used to experience a lot of lower back sensitiviy and pain, but since working with Erkan, I have not had an episode. He also shares a lot of knowledge about the body, which has been very educational for me. If you are looking for a personal trainer, give Erkan a try."


K. A.

Goverment Forms Specialist at Intuit


"For close to a year, I have had the privilege of learning and training one on one with Erkan.  I initially participated in his group fitness classes and quickly learned I liked his approach to exercise, which emphasizes form and function above all else.  This was especially important to me as I have some physical limitations, so when I approached him about personal training, he was eager to help me using his ‘Muscle Activation’ techniques. 


I was fascinated to experience muscle testing and activation.  In essence, Erkan was able to pinpoint weaknesses and range of motion limitations in different areas of my body.  He then, based on his knowledge of physiology and functions, applied a counter movement that would bring the weak area into balance.  Each week he would give me printed exercises to do on my own in order to maintain the balance he achieved.  Erkan has a real talent for this procedure.  His ability to diagnose precisely the correct issue made HUGE notable differences for me.  I was consistently amazed at the results having experienced success with this treatment.  I HIGHLY recommend both Erkan and muscle activation."


C. D.

Staff Security Engineer at Intuit


"Having Erkan as a bootcamp instructor made for some of the best workouts I’ve yet encountered in a group setting. His wonderful demeanor, patience and expertise in crafting the class made it very tough, very rewarding and I have had great improvements in my overall fitness, strength and physical confidence while under his tutelage. I would highly recommend Erkan to anyone looking to improve their fitness, as they will reap great benefits regardless of their current fitness level."


J. S.

Sr. Goverment Liaison


"I had the pleasure to work with Erkan for about a 1-1/2 years doing TRX and Cross Fit training. Our motto in our class was “Our Warm Ups Are Harder Than Your Workouts”. Erkan was a great instructor, made sure that he demonstrated every workout first and then made sure that we were all doing everything correctly which is very important  for preventing injuries. Always gave us modifications for those of us with limitations due to past injuries or just in that upper age bracket like myself. Was great at motivating us to the very end and pushing us just a little bit more even when you thought you couldn’t do any more. Always brought a positive ‘can do’ attitude every morning even at 7:00 in the morning. He has helped me to stay focused on the outcome which is a better, healthier life style. Thank you Erkan, you are an inspiration to us all."


A. W.

Internal Auditor at Intuit


"I attended group classes with Erkan as well as one-on-one personal training to get ready for my wedding.  He was great to work with, really knew his stuff and always mixed up the workouts so you never got bored.  He knew when to push you and when to back off.  I would highly recommend Erkan to those of all fitness levels."





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