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What is Exercise Physiology?

It is simply means preventative medicine. We all know that exercising is good for your body and wellbeing. But the question is, how much exercise we need to do in order to get benefit? This is very important because exercising too much (i.e., overtraining) can potentially harm your body, while not exercising enough may lead to many problems such as muscle, joint, and metabolic issues. Exercise Physiology uses the science and collects objective data through exercise tests to determine where your body is at. So the specialist can find out how much your body can tolerate. The result is, receiving a 100% individualized evidence-based fitness program to optimize your gain.

Here are some test that I can provide at your convenience:

-Body Composition Test (e.g., using the skin fold technique)

-Metabolic Exercise Test  (VO2 max) to find out your true fitness level. This test can be done at any fitness center. All we need is a cardio machine and my portable metabolic analyzer device

-Strength Test (upper body, lower body, and core)

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